habekkah foxx

Feminine Expression, Embodiment, + Empowerment Coach

Hi beautiful soul!

I was born Brooke Boesl, pronounced basil, (yes, like the seasoning), but am now Bekkah Foxx, (click here to read about that). I grew up in a tiny town as a shy introvert who endured bullying, abuse, self-harm, severe depression, suicidal ideation, anxiety, anorexia, along with other painful experiences. I was hospitalized in an inpatient psych ward twice, due to suicide attempts and anorexia. Restricting my calories, self-harming, being extremely depressed and anxious, hating my body and my life, became my “normal”. I knew no other way of life, and I knew no way out.

I saw a number of individual therapists, I went to group therapy, I took the prescribed medications, I even studied psychology to try to cure myself, but none of that made me better and this kept going on for about 10, long, dreadful years. I had sooo many breakdowns, but then I had a breakthrough.

So what was that breakthrough? What helped me to become better? What really worked to get me through such an intense darkness?

Passion. A dire devotion to self-discovery and self-care.

I moved to another state all by myself. I was committed to start fresh, and lead a life of independence. I started exploring endlessly. I found things I was curious about and continually kept seeking out more information – reading, writing, listening to podcasts, watching Youtube videos – forever searching for knowledge and answers.

Running. Yoga. Reading. Crystals. Chakras. Essential Oils. Plant-Based Nutrition. Spirituality. Sensuality. Sexuality. Pleasure. Feminine Power. Self-Care. Self-Love.

These are my passions. These are now my medicine. These things are what has helped me to make it to where I am. These are what have kept me alive – having interests in things so strongly, and using those interests to continually help myself, and now I’m here for others.

Since this devotion to self-discovery and self-care, everything has changed. Of course it hasn’t been easy, but I’ve realized that there’s so much more to life than destructive habits. Life can truly be a beautiful and peaceful place. Recovery is possible. Self-love is possible. Health and happiness are possible.  

No one should have to go day to day hating their lives, wishing they were no longer on this earth. No one should feel the utter darkness and feeling of being isolated, and completely alone. No one should feel that their sensitivity is a burden.

Everyone should feel a sense of hope, a sense of sisterhood, a feeling of belonging, and being able to actually live and love their lives.

So I’m here to help all beautiful and sensitive souls. Especially those who are going through depression, anxiety, eating disorders, and other self-destructive habits.

I’m here to help you gorgeous souls, so that you can grow and bloom. I’m here to guide you so that you can fully embody, embrace, and truly love your authentic self, in your true, divine, feminine essence – mind, body, and soul.

I’m here to show you my authentic self and support you however I can. I want to share my journey and my knowledge with all of you, in the hopes that you might gain insight, inspiration, and gain your personal power back too.

My overall mission is to holistically empower sensitive women to: overcome their darkness, embody their sensuality and sexuality, and become holistically empowered in their mind, body, and soul. They will be able to recognize and tap into their inner magic, become their own light of their life, and show the world, and themselves, all that they truly are. <3

I love you. You are amazing. I am here for you.

Bekkah xxx

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