Goodbye darkness, hello light

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my darkness just became a “normal” part of me.
I grew to live with it,
to essentially become it,
for nearly 10 years.

it was my shadow.
no matter where I went,
there it was.

I would be laughing momentarily,
yet the shadow would eventually come creeping out,
whispering darkness right back into my ear.

no matter what,
the shadow wouldn’t leave me,
it became all consuming.

I tried to run from it.
I screamed.
I cried,
and I cried,
and I cried.

yet it wouldn’t leave me,
and the utter darkness became my full identity.
it was all I knew.

…then about a year ago,
something changed,
something shifted.

instead of dreading my darkness,
instead of running from it,
I accepted it.

I was determined to learn all I could about it,
yet I also became devoted to getting rid of this shadow aspect of myself.

I started reading.
I started taking courses.
I started to search for passion.
I started to look for love, within.

I wanted to live my radiant life,
not merely survive it.

so I committed to myself,
and I’m still committing,

of course it’s not an easy thing –
to overcome your shadow,
your darkness,
your demons;
especially once you get used to having them.
after all,
they essentially grew to become my identity.

but I knew there was more to this life.
I wanted to embody my higher self,
to step into my true essence,
to live my human experience as best as I could,
and as magically as possible.

so here I am,
devoted to myself.
devoted to becoming.
devoted to living.

the shadow is now fading,
and the light is beginning to rise. ✨

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