Find Your Essence – 1:1 Coaching Program


If you’re looking for guidance to overcome your darkness, embody your sensuality and sexuality, and become holistically empowered, then here are the details of the Find Your Essence 1:1 coaching program:

+ The program is 4 months.

+ There are 4, 60 minute calls each month – one per week.
The first part of the call is guided education, where we may talk about a topic relating to the chakras, how it relates to your life to improve and transform it, and suggested reflections/homework. These topics might be regarding your self-love, connecting to your body and sensuality, overcoming negative thoughts, anxiety, depression, healthy eating, getting creative, connecting to your intuition, etc. Then the second part of the call, or whatever time is left, we will talk about anything else you want to chat about to receive support and guidance on. However, each session is unique and client based. <3

+ There is also unlimited voice and text message support offered through Voxer, as well as unlimited email support over the 4 months.

+ You will receive my 2 ebooks, (magic of yoni eggs and intro to chakras and essential oils), and any other ebooks that I release throughout the time of the program as well.

+ There will be personalized worksheet PDFs, video modules, book recommendations, resources, etc., custom to you.

+ The program also comes with an option of receiving a couple of mailed packages/items be delivered to you via mail for additional support! Some examples of these might include chakra stones, essential oils, a yoni egg, a yoni wand, books, letters, etc. (Restrictions may apply if outside of the US).


If this all sounds good to you, simply scroll down and click the “apply now” button below and fill out the application! I will then read over your application and if I feel we are a good fit, I will contact you for an initial FREE session/call and we will go from there!

If you have any questions in the meantime, feel free to contact me.

& If you’d like to be updated on any other ebooks, courses, coaching, or content that I put out into the world, then simply subscribe to my email list here and you will be the first to know! 🙂

xxx <3

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