Work With Me 1:1

If you’re looking for deeper guidance to move from existing in stagnancy and numbness, to truly living in your full expression, then here are the details of working with me 1:1:

+ The program is 4 months.

+ There are 4, 60 minute calls each month – one per week.
These calls are designed to support you through what you’re navigating using coaching, nlp, writing, embodiment, and kundalini. There is no set structure, but the calls will be designed to best support you.

+ There is also unlimited voice and text messaging and email support over the 4 months, to deeply support you between the weekly calls.

+ You will receive my 2 ebooks, (magic of yoni eggs and intro to chakras and essential oils), as well as access to any workshops or masterclasses I host throughout the time of working together.

+ There will be personalized PDFs, audio/video modules, book recommendations, resources, etc., custom to you.

If this sounds like it would be supportive to you, simply scroll down and click the “apply now” button below and fill out the application!

Note: I typically do not do free “discovery” calls. Please only apply if you’re near certain you want to work with me. Otherwise you can reach out via email or Instagram if you have any questions and we can go from there.
You can also do a 1:1 intensive session (90 minutes), and if you decide you’d like to work together for the full 4 months, your payment from the intensive can apply towards the 4 month option. 🙂

& If you’d like to be updated on any other ebooks, courses, coaching, or content that I put out into the world, then simply subscribe to my email list here and you will be the first to know!

xxx <3

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