I am Habekkah Foxx.

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I’ve been quiet for awhile because I’ve felt rather stagnant, but now allow me to “re-introduce” myself.

I started on this self-development path about 2.5 years ago, each day becoming more awakened, conscious, and empowered, especially over this past year. 

Throughout this journey I’ve often witnessed people sharing about their “downloads” or “channeling”; messages directly from God/the universe/source.

I’ve heard that this happens when you’ve surrendered, when you’re open to receive, when you’re in your power, when you can trust, etc. 

I never had the experience of this…up until recently. 

I heard loud and clear a “channeling” of my name; “Bekkah Foxx”. 

It didn’t make sense to me in the moment. I was actually shocked and a bit confused. 

I never said I hated my name. I didn’t ask for a new name. I wasn’t wondering what my name “should” be instead. 

I felt a weirdness about it, but I also felt this tingling sensation throughout my body. An “aha” moment, that it resonated pretty deeply into my core.

Of course I wasn’t going to announce this to the world. So I meditated on it further and received that the full name is Habekkah Foxx.

Habekkah, derived from Habaukkak + Rebecca/Rebekah.

Habaukkak was a male prophet in the Bible that asked powerful questions and God answered them, Habaukkak means “to embrace”.

Rebecca means “servant of God”, and in the Old Testament, it was spelt Rebekah and meant, “to tie or bind”.

Foxes are known spirit animals. They’re cunning and discerning, aware, and have a correlation with being nocturnal and dream work.

I became aware that the fox was my spirit animal, back in September when my soul sister Alana pulled an oracle card for me. I don’t recall the exact message of it, but I do remember fully resonating with it, and since then I’ve seen the sign of a fox appear again and again.
The fox is said to come out during times of change, the red fox specifically shows up with it’s time to show up passionately in life.

There is sooo much more I could say about what these names represent, but I’ll leave it like that and just mention that the more time I spend looking up the layered meanings behind these names, the more I resonate. 

To summarize, “embracing the bond of masculine and feminine energies by being a servant of God through discerning creative passion”, seems to embody exactly the journey that I’m on and look forward to continuing over time.

Again, I wouldn’t say I’ve ever hated my birth name, but I would say that I’ve never really resonated with it. I’ve been called, “a babbling brook”, over and over, when in reality I’ve been quiet and timid most of my life. I’ve always felt this sense of awkwardness and tightness when introducing myself as “Brooke”, and of course the mispronunciation of my last name 99% of the time was never really enlightening.

While I am grateful that my soul chose my birth name through my parents, Brooke Ann Boesl is simply no longer me. She went through the depths of darkness, suffered from suicidal ideation, depression, anxiety, and an eating disorder. She took medications that numbed her. She was unhappy and in so many moments, didn’t want to continue living. She was ashamed of who she was and felt she didn’t belong anywhere. She looked for happiness and love outside of herself. She continually felt broken and alone. 

But Habekkah Foxx, Bekkah, is me. She is empowered and she is passionate about life. She’s let go of the identity of having mental illness. She is free and lives in the light, but is also not ashamed when the darkness creeps in momentarily. She embraces all aspects of herself. She no longer looks outside of herself for happiness and love, but within. She lives life according to her terms. She doesn’t hide. She is alive, passionate, sensual, embodied, and creative. She is deeply devoted to herself first, and the world second. 

This name was divinely channeled to me, and for awhile I didn’t want to claim it, for fear of judgment from others, but I’ve realized I cannot ignore God’s voice. 

So I am claiming my name as Habekkah (Bekkah) Foxx, and if you don’t understand, that’s okay, I don’t expect you to. After all, my name is not for you, it’s for me, and it was divinely given to me directly through the universe.

I’m letting go of Brooke, of my old identity, and stepping into Bekkah, the version of me that my soul was waiting for, that God has now invited me to be… 

As of March 1st, 2019 at 5:55pm, I’m publicly announcing me.
Hi, I’m Bekkah. 💕

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