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A few years ago, I was struggling severely with my eating habits, negative thought patterns, and just having an overall negative mindset. It got even worse when I discovered Tumblr. One day I was feeling very sad and alone, so I randomly I typed in the word “depressed” to see what would pop up, and I started scrolling through the results.

I sat there and scrolled and scrolled for what felt like hours, getting deeper into images of girls who were glamourizing anorexia, and seeing so many quotes and pictures about self-harm and suicide.

I slowly became more and more curious about these kinds of accounts and the messages that they were sharing.

In a weird way, I felt like I finally wasn’t alone – that other people felt my deep darkness too.

I started my own account, and started re-posting negative posts, quotes, and pictures of skinny girls that I wanted to look like. I became obsessed.

I even started using an app called “my fitness pal” to keep track of everything I was eating so I was able to restrict my calories.

This went on intensively for a year, and then on and off for a couple more years after that. This behavior wasn’t helping my depression at all, in fact it was making it extremely worse.  I felt like I was at an absolute low, but I hadn’t made the connection why.

And then, one day, I miraculously scrolled across the opposite of what I was used to seeing; a quote that said “you become like the 5 people you’re surrounded by most,” and I just stopped, awestruck, for a second and thought…”What am I doing?!

I realized that I had gotten so deep into absorbing all the negative content, that I had let one depressed day, and one unfortunate Tumblr search, turn into years of creating and spreading content that wasn’t helping me, or anyone else either.

It was in that moment that I deactivated my negative account. I wanted to leave all those sad thoughts, feelings, and ideas behind me. I wanted to change my thoughts and outlook on life so desperately.

I created a positive account instead, and decided that I wanted to dedicate my time to spreading ideas and inspiration that could help people live a happier and healthier life, instead of tearing them apart and contributing to their sadness.

Here’s what I did to get rid of the negative content I was following, and what I recommend that you do too, so you can add more positivity into your life:


1. Go through all your social media accounts

When I realized the impact that negative social media accounts/people were having on my life, I went through all my social media platforms and deleted anything that wasn’t helping me or inspiring me, one by one. After I deleted my Tumblr account, I went through Pinterest, and worked my way through everyone I followed on Instagram, and my Facebook friends too.
I first went through briefly and deleted all the accounts/people I knew were negative right away. Then I kept being mindful whenever I would scroll on social media.
When I was scrolling through and saw something that made me upset, offended me, hurt me, or made me feel more depressed, I knew I had to PAUSE in that moment and get rid of it!
You should too! Unfollow or unfriend that account/person right then and there. Why let others affect your happiness? Why let others add unnecessary negativity to your life?
Get away from that if you want to live a happier and more positive life. Don’t be afraid to click that unfriend/unfollow button. Be strong enough to do what’s best for you.

2. Search for inspiring accounts instead

At first I had no clue where to start finding accounts that could actually help me, so I started simple by just searching hashtags/topics on Instagram and Pinterest. For example: body positivity, inspiration, self-love, happiness, hope, sisterhood, etc., are just a few topics I began looking for.
So go search for things you’re passionate about, or even just slightly interested in, and you might even find a whole new interest and outlook! When you see something negative – ignore it, simply send them love, or leave an uplifting comment, but try not to get sucked into that negatively.

3. Give yourself time away from the internet

The internet can be an amazing resource, but only if we use it to our advantage. We cannot become obsessed with the negative, but instead inspired by the positive.
I personally decided that I would dedicate some time away from the internet everyday to invest my time in books instead. After all, I already had an Amazon Prime account, (which has been so well worth it)! So, I started to invest in buying books that might help me feel better and give me a more positive perspective on life.

Rather than being obsessed with all the negative social media accounts, I became obsessed with the world of self-development and self-growth. I’m now committed to this path and my own journey.

Just a few books that I recommend to start with are:
You Are Here, by Thich Nhat Hanh
Radical Self Love, by Gala Darling
The Universe Has Your Back, by Gabrielle Bernstein

Of course you can choose whatever types of books you like. Maybe it’s poetry or maybe you like fiction. I just personally looove non-fiction – inspiration, self-development, and topics that improve my overall knowledge and mindset.

Don’t worry – later I’ll be sure to make a blog post or resource all about my favorite books too! (Let me know if that’s something you’re interested in. 😉 )

Note: If you don’t like reading, most paperbacks are available in audiobooks too!

In conclusion, after I implemented these changes myself, I realized that I wanted to make sure others were aware of these simple changes that they could make to improve their lives too.

We spend so much time on social media, and if we’re going to be absorbed in the online world, we have to be aware of what it is we are consuming, and how that’s affecting our thoughts and overall quality of life.

To this is day, these three simple tips have helped me tremendously with: the negative thoughts going on in my head, (now are mostly positive), the way I see myself, (abundant in self-love), a new found love for books, (hello knowledge), and an overall positive outlook in my quality of living.

Obviously negative thoughts still come intruding in my head here and there. However, I now feel I have more of a purpose, I care about the direction of my life, and I really want to make an impact where I can help more people feel better about their own life too.

If you’re feeling like you’re dealing with a lot of negative thoughts or depression, try what I did with these 3 simple steps. Take a audit of where you’re spending your time online, get rid of those negative accounts/people, find new topics/interests/accounts, and spend some time offline and read/listen to some books! <3


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  • Susan Turvey

    I love your site! Congrats on your launch 🙂 Your message is so powerful and your light shines so bright. Thank you for your vulnerability, you are helping to create healing for so many women. I’m working on my site and I’m so inspired browsing around yours! Keep it up sister <3

    • Brooke

      Sorry for the delayed response! Thank you so much, that means a lot! 🙂 & You’re very welcome! <3

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