The importance of having a morning ritual and how it differs from a morning routine

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Do you wake up and just simply go through the motions without any thought or intention? Do you feel that you’re somehow lacking in your personal purpose? Or maybe you just overall dread getting up, and the thought about starting your day with good intentions hasn’t even crossed your mind?

That use to be me. I use to dread getting up because I was so depressed that all I wanted to do was lay in bed, but of course I knew I had to get to school or work, so I’d get up and start my morning routine without much thought or intention behind it. I just went through the motions of my morning routine. I would just wake up, quickly make my bed, shower, get dressed, brush my teeth, eat breakfast, check my phone and out the door to school or work I went.

However, what I’ve come to learn, is that it’s not only important to have a morning routine, but it’s equally important, if not more important, to have a morning ritual.

Having an actual morning ritual, filled with my own pure intention, has helped me start my mornings in a different, but much better way. Since incorporating a morning ritual I’ve found that it: puts me in a more positive mindset, gives me a sense of accomplishment, promotes more motivation and energy for my day, and rewards me with a feeling of purpose.

I truly believe that the way you start your morning affects your whole day. You can start your day by getting up and rushing, or you can choose to do a mindful ritual that’s intentional, empowering, and positive. That choice is yours.

Since starting my morning ritual, my days are now much different than they use to be, (which has also led into how my entire life is currently going). I thought I would share below what I’ve learned about morning rituals. I’m going to differentiate between what it looks like to have a morning routine and a morning ritual, as well as some ideas that you can use, and how exactly you can get started with incorporating a morning ritual when you’re ready. This information can help you to add more purpose into your life every single day!

Basic Differences Between a Morning Routine & Morning Ritual

In case you might be thinking that a morning routine and morning ritual are the same thing, I’ll just start by clarifying on what my views are between the two.

To compare, a morning routine might look like: getting up, taking a shower, getting dressed, eating breakfast, brushing teeth, and leaving for work. However, a morning ritual might look like: getting up, meditating, journaling, stating affirmations, and dancing.

You can have a morning routine and a morning ritual, the key is to differentiate. I think it’s important to do your morning ritual along with your morning routine because:

A morning ritual sets intention and gives a sense of personal purpose.
A morning ritual is enjoyable and often provides energy and insight to the individual partaking it in.
A morning ritual is infused with personal value and renews the mind, body, and soul.

The structure of a morning routine can comfort us because it’s something we are use to doing daily, while a morning ritual can actually vitalize us with more energy and purpose.

To understand the difference of a routine and ritual further, here’s more of a detailed comparison of the two.

More Detailed Differences Between a Morning Routine & Morning Ritual

A few key differences between a routine and a ritual –

  1. A routine generally has minimal engagement from your mind and is rather meaningless, while a ritual generally has full engagement from your mind and is meaningful to you.
  2. A routine can be thought of as a checklist, where a ritual can be thought of as a recharging technique.
  3. A routine has external motivation, (to avoid negative consequences), while a ritual has internal motivation, (to have enjoyment).
  4. A routine focuses on the completion of tasks, while a ritual focuses on the actual performance of the tasks.
  5. A routine is seen as a duty, where a ritual is seen as celebration.
  6. A routine usually involves doing physical actions, while a ritual involves emotional-spiritual thinking.
  7. A routine is a habit, while a ritual is a habit + a deeper meaning behind it.

Now that you know how a morning routine differs from a morning ritual, here are some ideas that you can include in your own morning ritual.

Ideas On What You Can Do For Your Morning Ritual

No matter what you choose from the list below, the number one thing to note is HOW you are doing it. Be aware of the actual intention that’s taking place with each action. Each should be done mindfully, with a purpose, and your devoted focus.

  • breakfast – eat intuitively, slowly, without any other distractions (no phone/technology)
  • silence – reflection, deep breathing, praying, meditation
  • moving your body – dancing, stretching, mini exercise, walking, running, going to the gym
  • poses – wonder woman pose to strengthen confidence, yoga poses to strengthen muscles/stretch
  • music – listen to 1-3 songs that really let you feel your emotions and get into a positive/happy mindset
  • meditation/visualization – guided from Youtube or just freely meditating and visualizing
  • affirmations – choose 1-3 and repeat them in a mirror 3-5x, and/or write them down 3-5x
  • reading – self-development, inspiration, encouragement, poetry
  • feel/think – let yourself just fully feel and think for a full 90 seconds
  • writing – stream of consciousness, write freely, let your creative mind flow, poetry, gratitude list, could reflect on the above feel/think exercise
  • prioritize – tasks of the day/top 3 to do, setting your intention for the day
  • art- doodle/paint/color – express your emotions

Starting Your Morning Ritual

So now you might be wondering – “how exactly can I start incorporating a morning ritual?”
Well I can give you a few tips. 🙂

When you’re just starting a morning ritual, I advise you to make just 5 – 10 minutes for it and start by just focusing on one part of a ritual until you master that specific piece. For example, just choose one idea from the list above and practice that daily.

Once you’ve done that, and have that part of your ritual ingrained in your schedule, then you can add additional parts to your ritual and have it take anywhere from 10 minutes – 1 hour+. It’s really up to you, and your ritual can be as long or as short as you choose.

I also advise getting up 30 minutes – 1 hour earlier than you do now, or however much time you need for getting ready, your morning ritual, plus an additional 15 – 30 minutes. First of all, I expect if you get up at the same time you do now, you either won’t have time for your ritual, or you won’t have time for your routine and getting ready. The key is to make time for both, and do them intentionally, without feeling rushed.

Getting into a morning ritual probably won’t come to you that easily at first, because getting into a new habit is not something that you decide you’re going to do, and it happens, just like that. You have to practice it daily. Experiment. See what works for you and what doesn’t.

There’s absolutely no set way of doing a morning ritual. You can find a morning ritual you love, but maybe a month later you decide to add something or completely change it, and that’s perfectly okay. Ultimately, your ritual should make you feel good and give you the sense that you are completely ready to take on the day!

As long as you’re making time for some type of morning ritual, along with your morning routine, you should be well on your way to improving your mindset and overall health and happiness. <3  

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