Planetary Energy with the Days of the Week, Kundalini Practices, and Journal Prompts

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If you saw my Instagram story last week, you may recall I mentioned how each day of the week has a certain vibration that’s based on the energies of the planets. If you want to add more intention, awareness, and magic to your days of the week, I’d highly recommend connecting with these energies to utilize the power within the universe — especially if you’re currently feeling your days/week are feeling stagnant and mundane. 

A little history about the days of the week —  Between the ancient times of the Babylonians, Greeks, Romans, and those with Latin and English cultures, the days of the week were named with the planets in mind, as each day was originally designated to utilize the energy of each planetary god. Eventually the names of the week evolved, and the days were re-named into what we now know them as.

I’ll keep this blog simple, and get straight to the point. Here, I’ll describe the energies of each day of the week, along with suggested tasks to do for the planetary energy of the day, a kundalini practice, and journaling prompts. (I’m considering doing a live series of kundalini classes around these days of the week, so message me here if you’re interested in that).

Sunday — Sun: The sun represents life-force energy that enables near everything to thrive and grow.
The energy of Sunday supports rest, relaxation, connecting with your inner self, self-reflection, journaling, meditation, restoring and replenishing yourself, getting grounded and centered for the week ahead.

Kundalini Practices:
Alternate Nostril Breathing
Laya Yoga Kriya

Journaling prompts:
What’s calling me/what is my current truth?
How can I connect with myself in a deeper way today?
What could I do to truly nourish and ground myself?
Create a list of gratitude – what’s currently lighting your soul up?

Monday — Moon: The moon represents death, birth, resurrection, and the tide of emotions.
The energy of Monday supports you stepping into your true potential, connecting with your intuition and emotions. If you’re not a fan of Mondays, there may be some underlying emotional energy that needs to be processed instead of suppressed.

Kundalini Practice:
Meditation For a Calm Heart
Meditation For Emotional Balance

Journal Prompts:
What emotions am I truly feeling? / How can I fully feel into them and process them more fully in this moment, (without judgement)?
How can I cultivate a positive mindset and energy for today?
Do a brain dump – What are all the things that you’re currently thinking about? What’s on your to do list? Get it all out. 

Tuesday — Mars: Mars is the planet of action and energy, getting things done.
The energy of Tuesday supports making decisions, tuning into your passions, gaining clarity on what you want and taking the action to make it happen, being productive and determined, exercising, cleaning, and releasing frustration/pent up emotions/energy.

Kundalini Practices:
Meditation For Stress Relief & Releasing Emotions of the Past
Nabhi Kriya

Journaling Prompts: 
What passions are calling me? / How can I begin to take actions on them? 
Where am I needing more clarity and decisiveness in my life? 
How can I release some emotions and energy right now?

Wednesday — Mercury: Mercury is the planet of communication and expression.
The energy of Wednesday supports getting clear on your goals and how you’re getting there, reach out and ask for support if you need, connect and communicate with your loved ones, express how you fully feel.

Kundalini Practices:
Mudra to Open Up Blocks in Communication
The Brain Doctor Kriya

Journal Prompts:
What energy am I expressing to the Universe?
Am I living in my aligned truth? / How can I live in even deeper alignment with my truth and expression? 
What do I need to communicate, (to myself or to others), that I haven’t yet? 

Thursday — Jupiter: Jupiter is the planet of positivity and expansion. 
The energy of Thursday supports expanding consciousness by learning and trying new things, staying positive, showing gratitude, socializing and making new connections.

Kundalini Practices: 
Meditation to Experience the Expanded Self  
Kriya For Elevation  

Journaling Prompts:
Where can I expand myself more? / What new things am I wanting and willing to try and explore?
Write down a list of as many positive affirmations you can think of, (this is especially helpful to start the day with). Ex: I am ready to create more. I am comfortable within myself. I am learning to love life.
Where can I make more connections with others today? 

Friday — Venus: Venus is the planet of love and creativity. 
The energy of Friday supports connecting with others and socializing, relaxing, taking time for self-care, deepening intimate connections, recognizing beauty, and cultivating and expressing creativity. 

Kundalini Practice:
Meditation to Open the Heart Center
Kriya To See the Inner Beauty
Venus Kriyas (scroll to the bottom of the page – includes 4 separate options to do with a partner)

Journaling Prompts: 
How can I take some time for self-care today? 
What am I feeling called to create? 
How can I connect to my creative, sensual, passionate self in a deeper way? 
Make a list of all the beautiful things, people, and moments that you experienced lately. 

Saturday — Saturn: Saturn is the planet of discipline, commitment, time, and karma.
The energy of Saturday supports taking responsibility, setting boundaries, getting organized, running errands, studying and learning, finalizing tasks from the prior week, taking time for silence and reflection. 

Kundalini Practices:
Meditation For the Arcline and to Clear the Karmas
Sodarshan Chakra Kriya  

Journal Prompts:
What have I been saying I’ll do, but I haven’t fully committed to? / What would the benefits be of fully committing to this? Then make an agreement with yourself, decide and commit now.
Where do I need to be disciplined with my time management more? / How can I set up a plan that would support me?
What boundaries do I need to be more firm with?

I hope this supports and guides you in better utilizing each planet/day’s vibration, along with connecting deeper to yourself in this life. <3

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