I spent so much of my life in darkness.

I felt isolated and alone.
I was sleeping as much as possible, avoiding life.
I had little to no appetite, complete body aches.
I struggled with debilitating anxiety where I didn’t want to leave the house alone.
I had zero motivation.

I felt hopeless and invisible, completely numb and empty.

Feeling numb and empty protected me from extreme sadness, but it also shielded me from joy and happiness.

I sought out help from mental health professionals, courses and programs, coaches, and read so many books.

While some of that certainly helped me make progress…

REAL transformation began when I started to understand and express my emotions.

I realized one of the main reasons I felt years of depression, was because I was suppressing my emotions/expression.

I went through some pretty traumatic events in my lifetime, and at the time it was too painful to deal with.
I didn’t know the first thing about healing myself or processing emotions in a healthy way, so instead, I became numb.

But I learned that the key to being open to my feelings and dissipating the numbness in a safe way, was to feel supported in a journey of growing into my self-expression.

So over the last 5 or so years, I really began to connect with my body.

I reawakened my pleasure and sensuality, and I literally rewired my brain using subconscious healing.

Today it feels like I’m actually LIVING my life, versus just EXISTING in it, and it’s my greatest passion to now share this with other humans too.

So I created THE R.E.D. MASTERCLASS — an experience curated for you that combines most of the modalities I use on a regular basis, so you can step into your expression too.

I invite you to consider — What might become possible for you once you’re living fully expressed? How would your life be different from now?


~ you’re feeling like you’re just existing, rather than fully living; you desire to feel alive

~ you want to move through the lack of feelings/numbness, and/or feel stuck and stagnant; you desire to feel in flow

~ you desire deep connection; to yourself and to others

~ you want to feel comfortable and confident with yourself, your body, and your expression

~ you’re just not 100% satisfied with life and have tried other methods so you can add more joy in your life, but nothing else has seemed to work; you’re open to trying something new and seeing what possibilities might arise

~ you’re looking to release shame and fear around your expression

~ you want to be able to speak up, even when you feel your throat is closing up

~ you crave the idea of feeling at peace by simply being you

You’ve likely landed here for a reason, perhaps an intuitive calling.

Breathe into it, trust it love.

But if your mind is looking for more details, keep reading …

This masterclass was originally recorded live, and is now available as a 2 hour replay, so you can go through it anytime, anywhere.

This is not just a masterclass where you sit and listen to an explanation, but it’s an interactive, practical, integrative, and embodied experience where you are taken through several practices that will allow you to move from suppression, stuckness, stagnancy, numbness and/or depression, and into expression.

The experience was initially designed with the intention to go through this process from beginning to end, but this experience can be custom to you — you can go through specific aspects of it, you can go through it once, or you can come back to it as often as you like.

I invite you to consider how would it feel to remain where you’re at, if nothing changes, OR what might be possible for you if you tried something new, if you activated your R.E.D.?

Is this a yes for you? Tune into your body, not your mind. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: Once you complete your purchase, please wait for the page to redirect back to the confirmation page so you can access the masterclass. 🙂

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