What is a yoni egg? (and free ebook)

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You might’ve seen me mention them on social media before, or maybe you’ve seen them mentioned somewhere else and now you’re wondering what the eff a yoni egg really is!

Well, yoni is a Sanskrit term meaning vagina, and it loosely translates to “sacred space”. An egg is referring to a crystal that has been mined & shaped from the Earth into the shape of an egg. So, a yoni egg is like saying a vagina egg. Many people have referred to it over time as a yoni egg because it seems more sacred and sensual.

So you might be wondering why would you want a yoni egg? — because they’re magical!

But really – the benefits of using a yoni egg are truly transformational!

The yoni egg has benefits physically, emotionally, and energetically. Read about some of these here:

– strengthens pelvic floor & vaginal muscles
– reduces menstrual cramps
– increases libido & vaginal lubrication
– increases orgasm potential, & have more fulfilling orgasms
– awakens the nerve pathways in the vagina, increasing vaginal sensitivity
– decreases or eliminates pain, numbness and/or dryness during sex and/or self-pleasure
– increases vitality & boosted energy in your body
– aids in better sleep
– helps with postpartum healing, (wait 6 weeks)
– promotes glowing skin/a sense of radiance

– deepens connection between yourself, your heart, and your yoni
– promotes feelings of being safe and at home in your body, pleasure, self-love, & sexuality
– creates harmony in your mind, body, & spirit
– reduces stress
– increases desire, passion, intimacy, & love for your own body and your lover’s
– deepens levels of embodying who you are as a sensual woman
– decreases & releases sexual trauma, shame, guilt, or negative energy
– awakens & circulates your sexual energy throughout your whole body, which can be used for healing, manifestation, creation, etc.
– increases spiritual awakening, connecting you to your intuition and higher self
– aids in healing your root & sacral chakras⠀

Using a yoni egg has really been one of the MOST transformative tools I’ve ever used! This practice has helped me to step into my sensuality, love myself, find a passion, have more energy, increase my business growth, and even has helped with overcoming my severe depression!

✨ & Because I believe in this powerful practice so incredibly much, I’ve just released a FREE yoni egg ebook with 40+ pages! So, if you’d like a copy to learn more about yoni eggs, simply click this link here, sign up, & you’ll get it. ☺️

PS: Yoni eggs are also available to purchase here, or you can contact me for a custom purchase!
+ My 1:1 coaching clients in the US receive a yoni egg for free with their program! You can click here for details on  the program.

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